New Energy Ecosystem: Connectivity is Key

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Previously, we described how our energy architecture is becoming more distributed and volatile, and how, consequently, connectivity is becoming key.

The most interesting core components of our future energy ecosystem are therefore virtual power plants (VPP), i.e., intelligent systems that connect a multitude of distributed energy assets (DER), such as solar or wind parks as well as storage solutions. These VPPs are key for trading energy on behalf of small operators, providing flexibility to the market and aggregating lots of data and insights.

Tesla and Pacific Gas and Electric Company shared a first look into what that can mean for a normal retail customer.

  • Tesla Powerwall owners can now join a virtual power plant that pays out fees for providing storage capacity ($2/kWh) in case of an emergency. Think about it: Your battery solution at home can now help stabilize the entire grid, and you get paid for it!