TLGG lives and breathes future trends. Our team combines the
strategic excellence of a consulting company with the innovative
mindset of a creative agency – to keep our clients well ahead of the
curve and prepare them for rapidly evolving digital environments.

Our Approach


Run Relay Races

Achieving success requires focus and persistence across a long path, but in a competitive, constantly changing environment, those looking to get ahead can’t afford to pace themselves. At TLGG, we work in a series of phased sprints. But first we train. We plan strategically for the big picture and map out the course to achieving our goals. Then we hit the ground running and crush each leg of the race. A staged interval approach allows us to continually reflect on the evolving conditions, remaining flexible and responsive to the needs of clients and relevant shifts in the terrain.

Strategic Analysis

See the forest and the trees

Change, while necessary, involves risk. That’s why the most successful risk takers rigorously and continuously analyze environments, see the small and big pictures simultaneously, recognize patterns early, and make their plays based on both data and intuition. TLGG identifies and evaluates trends and evolving conditions across industries to plan for tomorrow—and the day after. We work with clients to understand internal and external considerations and then scenario plan, recommend future actions, and implement, test and refine them. We analyze, react, learn, and grow together.

Piloting & Go to Market

Fit in and stand out

TLGG are pros at analyzing and distilling the competitive landscape to best understand where our clients and their products or services mesh with existing and emerging lanes, as well as what makes them unique. We’re also experienced in designing and executing creative and exciting piloting programs to gather key, real world evidence and insight. With a thorough understanding of our clients’ products and brands, we craft bespoke go-to-market strategies to achieve growth and long-term success.

Organizational Change

Change soon, change smart

We understand that change is many things—exciting, scary, constant, and necessary. As digital transformation experts and veterans, we’re here for you to make the best of it. TLGG both catalyzes change and helps guide our clients through it. Whether subtle or profound shifts, we help define new organizational structures, ways of working, and competencies to meet emerging needs and trends. In short: We help our partners optimize performance – today and tomorrow.

Unlocking the Future: Download our PDF Guide to A New Era in Health

A new Era in Health

Unlocking the Future: Download our PDF Guide to the Digital Revolution in Clinical Trials