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In a world of ongoing dramatic shifts, TLGG specializes in helping our clients navigate change and thrive within rapidly evolving landscapes. Our relationship with each client is intimate and unique.


Powered by a lean , diverse, and experienced team, we approach challenges fresh and organically, unbound by industry, vertical, product type, or a single framework with a fancy nickname or acronym, to help you identify and prepare for tomorrow’s innovations, today.

The Story of TLGG USA

From Flight Attendant to Intrapraneur

TLGG USA, a subsidiary of Berlin-based TLGG Group led by CEO Christoph Bornschein, was founded and is managed by Katrin Zimmermann.

After a 15 year career Lufthansa, starting as a flight attendant and spanning to executive assistant to the CHRO, Katrin co-founded Lufthansa’s Innovation Hub, making her one of the first intrapreneurs of her generation.

TLGG USA is Born

As Lufthansa’s Director of Business Innovation, Katrin worked with TLGG in Germany to bring their first digital ventures to life.

At the same time Christoph and his co-founders sold TLGG to Omnicom in light of the continued consolidation of marketing and consulting services.

Based on a successful collaboration at Lufthansa, the pair joined forces at TLGG and Katrin headed to the Big Apple to launch TLGG USA.

The rest, as they say, is history..

Digital Transformation with
a Focus on Inclusion

Today, TLGG USA works with leading and cutting-edge organizations in healthcare, mobility, retail, finance, and beyond, helping them plan for and thrive in a world where the digital and physical have converged.

In addition, the organization remains committed to social justice, seeking diverse perspectives, and inclusion. TLGG USA is a unique, forward-thinking consultancy in New York City as it is 80% female.

Company & Leadership

Christoph Bornschein

Christoph Bornschein

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Founder & CEO of TLGG Group

Christoph has been doing digital transformation day and night for ten years – from Berlin to Beijing and increasingly also in the USA. Advisory board member, sought-after speaker and contact person for board members in various DAX companies. Before co-founding TLGG in 2008, Christoph spent two years in online marketing management at Frogster Interactive Pictures AG. He co-founded various startups and supported them in sales, marketing and PR. Before that, he had taken part in law studies due to time constraints.

Katrin Zimmermann

Katrin Zimmermann

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Managing Director of TLGG USA

Katrin launched TLGG’s New York office. As Managing Director, she is responsible for consulting services with global clients. At TLGG, Katrin has served and mentored clients on business strategy, digital transformation, marketing transformation and innovation up to the C-suite.

Prior to joining TLGG, Katrin co-created the Lufthansa Innovation Hub (named as best digital lab by Capital Magazine in 2017 and 2018) with global responsibility for business innovation where she developed ventures in the services and mobility field from Seoul to Berlin.

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