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Strategic Analysis

We help you recognize patterns and structures of change. We understand industries. We project scenarios and recommend actions for your future, test them, and get smarter together.


We pilot early, verify, and plan. This is how we test to learn. Together we define starting points and targets – operating as catalysts, doers, mediators, and a hub of experts.

Organizational Change

With new demands on people operations, we define the necessary structures, work modes, and skills for your organization to succeed.

Past and Current

           We have CHANGED, Founded, and rebuilt

Go-to-market strategy for Leaps by Bayer, an initiative for disruptive innovation in the life sciences.

Digital transformation of a B2B business model for an electronics component supplier along with go-to-market strategy for a platform now generating >150mm annually.

Concept and creation of an external innovation unit to accelerate the corporation’s digital transformation. Multiple awards as Germany’s “best innovation unit“ including Capital Magazine.

Creating a strategic digital vision and solution prototypes for the importer of an OEM in Colombia.

Organizational assessment for the digital transformation of a big pharma, including pilot projects to address fast and agile decision-making, data utilization, and leadership.

Development of product innovation concepts and new business models for a tier 1 supplier.

Development of an internationally effective brand for the joint single sign-on of several leading German DAX companies and the formulation of their go-to-market strategy.

Piloting fast-fashion processes and data-based decision making for the product development and marketing department of an established fashion brand.

Development of an e-commerce platform and overarching digital strategy for the automotive aftermarket.

Strategic reorientation and definition of requirements for a fashion cooperative, with a focus on premium and customer lifetime value.

Flexible, but not soft

It's better

We work holistically, impact-oriented, and sprint-based. As a diverse team without a uniform, we dissolve tunnel vision and address your organization’s challenges.

advice with opinion

We believe it’s critical to have the courage and freedom to take a holistic view of our tasks. We act in the interests of our clients – even when it means asking tough questions.


We offer clear responsibility and an unconditional team spirit, short decision-making processes, and quick decisions. Sometimes analytical challengers, accessible coaches, pragmatic doers or interim team – and sometimes all of it together.

Unite and conquer

We form crews because we know what we don’t know. We always know someone for that – and people who know people.

We are a growing team of digital experts with diverse perspectives. We were founders, designers, consultants, and technologists. Now, we advise together because we don’t believe there is a single answer to digital change.

Stella May Lochner

After completing her Masters in Psychology, Stella worked in the HR strategy of the Lufthansa Group. There, she accompanied the introduction of a new management model. Stella has been a consultant at TLGG since 2014. With her psychological background, she is particularly interested in the influence of digital trends and new digital products and services on society and different target groups.



Katrin Zimmermann

Katrin launched TLGG’s first international office in New York. As Managing Director there she is responsible for consulting services with global clients. At TLGG, Katrin has served and mentored clients on business strategy, digital transformation and innovation up to the C-suite. Prior to joining TLGG, Katrin co-created the Lufthansa Innovation Hub (named as best digital lab by Capital Magazine in 2017 and 2018) with global responsibility for business innovation where she developed ventures in the services and travel industry from Seoul to Berlin. Katrin has over 15 years of client-side experience in travel, hospitality, logistics and loyalty.



Christoph Bornschein

Christoph has been doing digital transformation day and night for ten years – from Berlin to Beijing and increasingly also in the USA. Advisory board member, sought-after speaker and contact person for board members in various DAX companies. Before co-founding TLGG in 2008, Christoph spent two years in online marketing management at Frogster Interactive Pictures AG. He co-founded various startups and supported them in sales, marketing and PR. Before that, he had taken part in law studies due to time constraints.



Alana Stein

Alana has a strong background in digital content strategy and marketing communications in media, healthcare, CPG, and financial services. She previously led digital marketing, strategy and comms for a digital media outlet for Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Building the platform’s audience base from scratch into a frequently followed publication, she validated the business opportunity and scaling hypothesis – leading to a handover to an independent media entity.  Additionally, she led various direct-to-consumer strategy projects for global consumer products brands and healthcare companies looking at market expansion. In her previous roles, she drove global digital communication for Pharma and CPG companies at a specialized marketing communication agency within the Omnicom network.


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