Tomorrow’s Innovations, Today

In a world of ongoing dramatic shifts, TLGG specializes in helping our clients navigate change and thrive within rapidly evolving landscapes. Our relationship with each client is intimate and unique. Powered by a lean, diverse, and experienced team, we approach challenges fresh and organically, unbound by industry, vertical, product type, or a single framework with a fancy nickname or acronym, to help you identify and prepare for tomorrow’s innovations, today.

Our Expertise

Strategic Analysis

Business Strategy

TLGG helps you change. We work with clients to understand considerations internal and external, present, and future, to build and execute change plans rooted in data, evidence, and informed prediction.

Piloting & Go to Market


TLGG identifies client needs and analyzes markets to craft and carry out individualized go-to-market strategies—from the creative to the piloting—that make our partners both fit in and stand out.

Organizational Change

Organizational Development

From helping define new organizational structures, workflows, competencies, or brand identities, TLGG’s digital transformation experts help our clients meet emerging needs and optimize organizational performance.

Client Testimonials

Janssen Logo
“Now I understand how a culture of trust can bring agility. TLGG is an open environment with innovation and collaboration at its core. I have learned more about agile organization in these 3 days than in 3 months agile transformation projects.”

Janssen Employee

After spending 3 days at TLGG's Office Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Bayer Logo
“As we brought the Leaps by Bayer brand to life in 2017, we had many internal and external stakeholders to consider – and convince – in order to launch. TLGG’s approach helped us to strategically structure ourselves and successfully deliver on the different stakeholders’ expectations, ultimately creating the most differentiated impact investment unit in biotech.”

Andre Guillaume

VP / Head of Brand & Community Engagement , Leaps by Bayer Bayer Pharmaceuticals

“The TLGG team has a clear and structured approach to research, ideation and solution delivery. They have been on-time, within budget and delivered materials with professionalism and flare. Truly a pleasure to work with.”

Barbara Del Prince

Director Product and Clinical Management - Women's Health GE Healthcare

Ford X
“We had to think on our feet 100x a day as we navigated the challenges of bringing a pilot to life. We couldn’t have done it without TLGG’s quick-wit and creative problem solving to get us from point A to B as we jumped hurdle after hurdle.”

Hussain Saab

Venture Lead - Ford Next

“TLGG will be a vital partner in helping Elastos rise above the noise in the blockchain and tech spaces, enabling more users to benefit from our ecosystem of Web3 solutions.”

Fakhul Miah

Head of Marketing and Communications - Elastos


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Unlocking the Future: Download our PDF Guide to A New Era in Health

A new Era in Health

Unlocking the Future: Download our PDF Guide to the Digital Revolution in Clinical Trials