TLGG Consulting Helps Launch Electric Vehicle Ride-Hailing Service


NEW YORK, Nov. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TLGG Consulting – in partnership with the city of Oceanside, the San Diego Association of Governments, and an automotive partner – assisted in the launch of the HOOT Rides ride-hailing service, a pilot program that offered electric vehicle rides for $3 per seat around downtown Oceanside, CA.

TLGG Consulting, the consulting arm of digital business group TLGG, embedded itself in the HOOT Rides project team, providing professional business model innovation, partnership, and marketing support in the initial phase, setting up a growth hacking strategy for elite service operationalization. The consultancy named a “Strategy and End-to-End Execution Expert,” for the ride-hailing pilot, who developed a high-level partnership and launch strategy, built and executed strategy on relevant online and offline channels, and provided operational support throughout the duration of the pilot. TLGG assisted in optimizing the ride-hailing service week over week in these categories, remaining as an on-site partner in Oceanside, CA for the entire operation. The consultancy will continue to drive efforts to assist their automotive partner in determining and validating relevant KPIs now that the pilot has come to a close.

“The potential for mobility-as-a-service business models in cities like Oceanside, and beyond, is exponential,” says Alana Stein, Consultant at TLGG. “We are excited to be part of a team piloting solutions for a more efficient and cleaner future.”

The ride-hailing service was hailed through the HOOT Rides app and on the street, similar to a taxi, and took Oceanside locals and tourists anywhere from the Harbor to South Oceanside for $3 per seat. Services operated from Thursday-Saturday between 1pm-11pm, and Sundays between 10am-8pm. The pilot program ended on November 25, and the team is evaluating next steps to see what comes next for HOOT Rides.

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