AI Poses Both Opportunity and Risk to Brands


Today in #TLGGBites, general public demand for #AI is cresting, and you’re probably tempted to respond. But make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Here at TLGG USA, we know that change is inevitable, and risk is inherent in change. How do you ensure responsible risk management amid change? One way to think about it to focusing first on the change; if you’re making the right changes, you’re probably taking the right risks.

It’s important for businesses to keep this framework in mind as the momentum behind generative AI further intensifies. For most of the last decade, the demand and zeal for leveraging AI has been greater in the business and innovation communities than the general public. The zeitgeist is now shifting, and this is when actors are more prone to take the wrong risks for the wrong reasons.Business giants from Amazon and Google to Coca-Cola and Mattel are experimenting with integrating AI into operations, design, and marketing. This creates strong pressure for your business to jump in. No business wants to fall behind, but the biggest follies often result from doing something just to do it or succumbing to “peer pressure.”

No matter how sexy a new tool, a business’s adoption decisions should be grounded in principles like priorities like improving product, user experience, and risk profile.Chatbots can go rogue. Generative AI can lead to copyright and plagiarism concerns, or replicate bias embedded in the data from which it learns. These are not reasons to avoid taking advantage of extremely promising and exciting new technologies, but risks that reaffirm that these decisions need to come from a place of improving product and operations, and not keeping up with the Joneses.

Change management experts like TLGG USA can be extremely valuable partners when pressure to change and hype about new tools are coming from all directions—it’s our job to distill which risks are right for you.