The Future of Clinical Trials is Digital

TLGG Consulting | October 2021


Traditional clinical research is expensive, lengthy, and inefficient, contributing to high failure rates of clinical trials. Digital clinical trials (DCTs) offer an opportunity to revolutionize this system by improving participant recruitment and retention, enhancing data collection, and optimizing trial designs. Stimulated by the COVID-19 pandemic, DCTs promise more diverse trial cohorts, shorter timelines, and reduced costs. As DCTs gain traction, stakeholders like pharmaceutical companies, trial centers, and digital experts should prepare for this shift, necessitating new business models, partnerships, and operational processes. Embracing digital optimization could lead to enhanced trial participant experiences and increased health equity.

Download our white paper to learn about the potential impacts of DCT approaches, those who will be impacted, and how to prepare.


Unlocking the Future: Download our PDF Guide to the Digital Revolution in Clinical Trials

Unlocking the Future: Download our PDF Guide to A New Era in Health

A new Era in Health