Hoot Rides

Results & Highlights


Strategic moves identified

Analysis of key trends and the implications for CLIENT: 6 strategic moves have been defined.


Moonshot ideas evaluated

Quantitative evaluation of each moonshot and mapping against each of the 6 strategic moves



Partnership pathways activated with renown healthcare institutions

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Overview & Challenge


A leading automobile manufacturer client wanted to create a travel service platform that enables an always-on relationship with its community of modern family road-trippers. TLGG developed an MVP concept that clearly articulated that vision and strategy.

Our Approach​


Desirability, Viability, & Feasibility Assessment

Conducted CX interviews with the community to understand their road-trip needs and pain points, researched competition to identify a white space in the market, took stock of client’s existing assets to determine the client’s unfair advantages.

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Interactive Workshop

Based on the assessment, TLGG led a collaborative workshop introducing 22 value-generating ideas as potential MVPs. Together, the clients and TLGG selected one idea and determined where to play along the customer journey.


Fast & Furious MVP Concept Development

Within 3 weeks following the workshop, TLGG created a low fidelity MVP concept – a Trip and Itinerary Generator, designed the wireframes of the final product, created a go-to-market roadmap, and identified a testing framework, success metrics, and resource requirements.

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Unlocking the Future: Download our PDF Guide to A New Era in Health

A new Era in Health

Unlocking the Future: Download our PDF Guide to the Digital Revolution in Clinical Trials