Digital COnsultant (NYC)

About the position

As a full- time consultant based in our New York office, you will work alongside our diverse and international team. You will consult clients on digital strategy, organizational development and business model innovation in various industries- from pharma to fashion.

As one of the first employees in a growing team, you will also play a key role in shaping TLGG Consulting’s first international office. You will have the unique opportunity to contribute to business development, taking on additional tasks where necessary.

What we are looking for

Curious: You are curious. You’re not just looking for information, you’re looking for knowledge. You have many different interests, and you know how to connect the dots between them.

Critical: You are a critical thinker. You like to think outside the box. You don’t just ask what, you ask why.

Concrete: You are hands- on. You enjoy taking ownership of things. You know that every little detail counts.

Cosmopolitan: You are open. You enjoy being exposed to people, places and ideas that are different to you.

Challenging: You like being challenged, and you like challenging others.

Are you ready for a challenge? Send your CV and cover letter to